When moving with children

The child should not be involved in the move. It is better that he spends this day with his mother outside the apartment: you can go for a walk or visit. And the process of packing and unpacking things is easier to shift to the shoulders of a moving company. The specialists of the moving company are able to fold, transport and unpack all things in a new place in 1 day.

If a small child still remains in the apartment on the day of the move, follow these simple recommendations.
Prepare a bag of essentials for the whole family. These are a first aid kit, toiletries, a change of linen, clothes and shoes, bedding and towels, water and food that can be quickly heated, as well as disposable tableware. Put baby-specific things in this bag: food, a book, a few favorite toys, wet wipes, a pillow, and a blanket if he wants to sleep. (If necessary, do not forget diapers and bottles – they should be at hand at the right time).

Naughty little girl sitting in cardboard box during relocation

The baby’s crib should be dismantled last at the old address and assembled first at the new address. If you have specialists from a moving company, make sure they know this rule.
When choosing a mover, make sure they are qualified. Employees must have experience organizing relocations for families with children. They must have clean uniforms and special thin nylon gloves for working with personal and children’s things.
When ordering packing materials, ask the shipping company to supply you with silent tape instead of the usual one, so that the packing of things and furniture is quieter.
Think in advance what you will do with the baby. Favorite toys and books can help you.
Try, despite the move, in a new apartment or house to maintain the usual daily routine for a small child – sleep, walks, feeding.