What you need to know about clothing packaging

If you follow the following packing rules before moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/, you can save a lot of extra time for more pleasant chores:

  • in the process of distributing things into groups, there are two important criteria – this is the season (separately winter and separately summer) and the owner (men’s, women’s, children’s clothing);
  • on each stack, you need to make appropriate markings for subsequent convenient analysis;
  • for packaging, it is better to use polypropylene bags, fastened together with adhesive tape, they will help protect sensitive materials from dust and mechanical actions, the bags are suitable for underwear, as well as for woolen products and outerwear.

Vacuum bags can be useful not only for transportation. The owner can leave out-of-season items in them on the lower tiers of the closet or in the dressing room, after making sure that the packaging is intact. Clothes that take up a lot of space can be placed in a bag, and then “pump out” all the excess air.

This trick helps to significantly save free space and prevent harmful insects from multiplying in natural tissues.