Tips for moving to another apartment

Moving with does not happen often in life, even less often than repairs, and it is quite difficult to accumulate at least some experience in this matter. Therefore, when the prospect of moving arises, many experience stress. You can find out more about the cost of moving on the page of a specialized website.

What to do when moving to a new apartment and how to organize everything? Is it better to hire professional movers or do it all yourself? How about looking for an apartment? Have you chosen your new apartment? Regardless of your decision, the tips below will be helpful. Here are some helpful tips.

Do not collect everything – choose
Moving will be easier if you start to get rid of those things that you do not want to see in a new place. When it comes to packing, don’t pack everything, choose the things you take with you. Only necessary and beloved things deserve a place in the new life. In addition to boxes and bags, be sure to keep a trash bag on hand during collection.

Stock up on packing materials
The main set of things is conveniently folded into boxes. It makes sense to collect clothes and other soft things (curtains, bedspreads) in bags – you can put them where the boxes will no longer fit. Bulky blankets, pillows and down jackets are best packed in vacuum bags. In a compressed form, things will take up less space, and most importantly, they will not get dusty or dirty.

You will need:

Happy family with cardboard boxes in new house at moving day.

tape, preferably in different colors
packaging for fragile items,
scissors, knife,

Consider a navigation system
How to move to a new apartment? Pack things in a logical order – put the things you use least often first. It makes sense to write on the box information about its contents.

Those who have experienced more than one move to a new apartment recommend packing things by room and wrapping boxes with tape of different colors: let items from the kitchen be, for example, red, from the nursery – blue, etc. At the new location, ask the movers to immediately move the boxes to rooms according to the color of the tape. This way you don’t have to carry the boxes delivered to the destination.

When packing furniture for the road, remove the shelves from the cabinets and, if possible, remove the mirrors. To prevent doors from opening on the road, wrap them with foil. You can also cover the corners with tape, as these are the most commonly affected areas. Be sure to take photos of complex furniture, so it will be easier to assemble.

Take care of a soft landing
Usually, by the end of the moving day, everyone is too exhausted, and there is nowhere to sleep – the bed is not made. Therefore, you need to move already with a bed.

In the old place, lay out clean bedding and fold everything as it is – with a mattress (if possible), a pillow and a blanket. Put the finished kit in a separate bag and sign it. The bed will be ready in a new place in a matter of minutes.