Message from the Conference Co-Presidents

The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics welcomes all of you to the 14th World Conference.

The World Conference offers its participants an international platform for fruitful scientific discourse on more than 60 topics and subtopics in the fields of bioethics, medical ethics and health law.

We are pleased to inform you that the number of centers (“Units”) of the Chair has recently grown and now consists of 246 centers located in universities on five continents.

The Chair currently operates about 3,000 volunteers on the Steering Committees of its units. The Teachers Forum of the Chair (IFT) has more than 1,000 educators in more than fifty countries.

The Chair operates many departments, including the Research Department, the Education Department, the Bioethics for Youth Department, the Department of Bioethics in the Holocaust, a Bulletin, a Journal, a Website, and the international committee for the annual celebrations of the World Bioethics Day. 

The Chair publishes educational materials for teachers and students, and holds local, national and international seminars and conferences.

The Chair enjoys fruitful cooperation with the World Medical Association (WMA) and the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).

Personal Invitation:

You are welcome to send an email to the Chair in order to receive information about any of the following programs or click on the below links:

Registration details for the 14th World Conference
Establish a new Unit at your University
Join the Teachers Forum of the Chair
Join the project of Bioethics for Youth
Join the project of Bioethics in the Holocaust
Register for the Doctoral Program (PhD) on bioethics

We wish you an interesting, fruitful and pleasant stay at the Conference.

Prof. Amnon Carmi
Co-President of the Conference

Prof. Rui Nunes
Co-President of the Conference