Preparing to move with children

Keep the usual order for as long as possible, if not in the entire apartment, then at least in the children’s room. First of all, pack out-of-season clothes and toys that the child rarely uses. And only at the last moment collect things that he is used to and that are often in his area of \u200b\u200battention.

The participation of the child in the preparation depends on the age. It is better to take small children aged 2-3 years old for the time of preparatory troubles with a game or a walk. Just do not leave them unattended, it is better to involve relatives or friends who can play the role of a nanny for help. Children a few years older can help their mother pack their things, wrap them in paper or bubble wrap, and put them in boxes. Another thing is adult guys, say, older than 7-8 years. They can move more consciously and take an active part in the preparations. For example, invite your son or daughter to sort and collect their own things.