Key features of transportation of oversized cabins

From the previously mentioned it is clear that there are different types of trailers. Some differ in overall dimensions, which facilitates the process of transportation, others are oversized. Transportation of such change houses is also in high demand.

The truck-manipulator is relevant during the transportation of trailers of overall dimensions. Oversized change houses are transported by means of transport with a loading platform, including a trailer based on a tractor.

For the transportation of oversized trailers, low platforms based on tractors with a large carrying capacity are used. Oversized are household trailers that have dimensions of more than 6×3 m. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a suitable truck and boston moving company. The weight and dimensions of change houses increase along with additional insulation, metal cladding of the outer walls and an increase in the usable space inside.

Transportation of oversized change houses is not limited only by the choice of a suitable means of transportation. It is necessary to remember about carrying out loading and unloading operations, as well as site preparation. It is important to provide for the installation location of the trailer. All loading and unloading works are carried out with the help of a truck crane and with the participation of qualified specialists.

It must be remembered that during the transportation of oversized cabins, the width of the platform must exceed their width. The work is carried out with the participation of an experienced specialist. Additionally, preliminary measurements are made. In this way, the appearance of unforeseen difficulties during transportation is excluded.

Before ordering a wagon transportation service, it is important to check the access roads leading to the installation site. The fact is that not every road can withstand the load – different types of coverage are designed for the movement of different trucks.

Equipment is selected in advance, taking into account the weight and type of the transportation object (metal or wooden trailer). Wooden trailers do not require heavy equipment with a powerful engine. When transporting, a light truck-manipulator is used. As an exception, there are cases when during the transportation process it is required to overcome an additional obstacle in the form of high structures, ravines and fences. In this situation, a powerful crane is used.

When discussing with the manager the rental of equipment that is used to transport trailers, be sure to discuss all the nuances and features of transportation.