Help with storing things in the warehouse

As the experience of our customers shows, storage of things outside the home is usually necessary in the following cases:

For the period of repair in an apartment or in a cottage, when you absolutely do not want to risk furniture and interior items or delay repairs by rearranging furniture from one room to another.
At the time of departure from the city, when you need to send valuable furniture, dishes, household appliances, seasonal clothes to the warehouse.
And also, if the business requires it, when renting a whole separate warehouse is unprofitable.

Where to store

It can be both storage in boxes and a traditional warehouse with rack storage. Each option has its own advantages.
The main thing when choosing a warehouse is to pay attention to the fact that it is intended for storing your type of property. That is, the warehouse must maintain the optimum temperature and humidity levels, comply with fire safety measures, the territory of the warehouse must be guarded around the clock, food and odorous substances must not be stored next to your property.

Comprehensive custody

Whichever warehouse you prefer, there is a way to make the whole storage procedure easier for you: we are talking about a comprehensive safekeeping service. Such storage assumes that not you yourself, but specially trained people prepare your belongings for storage (disassemble furniture, carefully pack and label everything), load it into a car, deliver it and place it in a warehouse.
You don’t even have to go to the warehouse with them. The property is transferred where it is convenient for you, in an apartment or office. When you are ready to pick up the property, the whole procedure is repeated in reverse order: things from the warehouse are brought to you, collected and placed in the premises.
As a rule, in a complex it turns out to be cheaper than if you pay for all stages separately, hiring different performers.