Dear Colleagues

We would like to inform you of the postponement of the 14th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law to a new date: 7-10 March, 2022 in Porto, Portugal. 

The International Chair has decided on this postponement after lengthy discussions.
The decision to postpone from 2021 to 2022 stems from the need to preserve the participants’ lives and health during this difficult period of the corona plague. We are pleased to inform you that the conference will take place under the same conditions and at the same venue. We are confident that you will remain loyal to the International Chair and the World Conference.

The Conference will undertake to retain the full rights you have acquired in the registration fee you have paid. This commitment applies both to your participation in the conference and to your accommodation at the hotel you booked (if at all). 

Bonus for  participants: The International Chair will hold a number of additional international projects virtually in 2021, which will be offered to all  participants . This coming March, the Chair will host a virtual international conference dedicated to discussing ethical dilemmas which has arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Later in 2021, the Chair will hold a series of webinar meetings for free on various bioethical topics.

Prof. Amnon Carmi
Co-President of the Conference

Prof. Rui Nunes
Co-President of the Conference

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The town that gave the country his name: Porto
The old town which was built on the hills overlooking the Douro River, today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Join us to enjoy a great program and to experience Porto in all its glory in March 2022

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